I am a collector of words

Words feed me, free me, comfort, uplift and heal me. I've been saving my favorites in books, handwritten over the years and thought that perhaps in sharing them, not only am I preserving them for myself, but perhaps others may also find healing in them as I have.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Warrior's Way

"A self-sacrificing way,
but also a warrior's way, and not
for brittle people, easily broken, glass bottle people.
The soul's tested here by sheer terror,
as a sieve sifts and separates
genuine from fake.
And this road is full of footprints!
Companions have come before.
They are your ladder
Use them!
Without them you won't have the spirit-quickness
you need.  Even a dumb donkey
crossing a desert
becomes nimble-footed
with others of its kind.
Stay with the caravan.  By yourself,
you'll get a hundred times more tired,
and fall behind."  


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