I am a collector of words

Words feed me, free me, comfort, uplift and heal me. I've been saving my favorites in books, handwritten over the years and thought that perhaps in sharing them, not only am I preserving them for myself, but perhaps others may also find healing in them as I have.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Man's word is Spirit in man. Spoken words are sounds occasioned by the vibrations of thoughts, thoughts are vibrations sent forth by the ego or by the soul. Every word you utter should be potent with soul vibration. A mans words are lifeless if he fails to impregnate them with spiritual force. Talkativeness, exaggeration, or falsehood makes your words as ineffective as paper bullets shot from a toy gun. The speech and prayer of garrulous or inaccurate persons are unlikely to produce beneficial changes in the order of things. Mans words should represent not only truth but also his definite understanding and realization. Speech without soul force is like husks without corn...    Paramahansa Yogananda

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