I am a collector of words

Words feed me, free me, comfort, uplift and heal me. I've been saving my favorites in books, handwritten over the years and thought that perhaps in sharing them, not only am I preserving them for myself, but perhaps others may also find healing in them as I have.

Friday, October 10, 2014


This quote by Sir Laurens van der Post‘s coincides with the angst that is central to individuals going through a quarterlife crisis:
“The Bushman storytellers talk about two kinds of hunger. They say there is physical huger, then what they call the Great Hunger. That is the hunger for meaning. There is only one thing that is truly insufferable, and that is a life without meaning. There is nothing wrong with the search for happiness. But there is something great—meaning–which transfigures all. When you have meaning you are content, you belong.”

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